Our Goals for Beyond us

100% Engagement

First and foremost, our Beyond Us initiative is a discipleship effort. Whether it’s in your study of Scripture, your prayer life, how you’re serving, or how you’re giving, we’re always excited to see you take your next steps in everyday discipleship. So, our first goal is to see everyone at Waypoint participate in giving over the next two years towards our Beyond Us initiative. God has blessed the body with many different giftings that uniquely serve the ministry of our church, but we want everyone at Waypoint to be unified in sacrificial generosity, as we all take our next steps in discipleship by becoming more and more like Christ. We want to learn new things about God and about ourselves. We want every single person at Waypoint to engage in Beyond Us and to be willing to take a next step of growth in this area of generosity. Whether you’ve never given anything before, whether you’re an infrequent contributor, or whether you’re a consistent and thoughtful giver, there is a next step God is asking you to take in this journey.

$15 Million

Typically, our church’s generosity goal (operating budget) would total $9 million over the next two years. Beyond Us is designed to increase our generosity goal over these next two years by another $6 million. So, our secondary goal is to increase our total giving to $15 million over the next two years. We want to focus that $15 million into a “One Fund” in order to advance the vision of Waypoint Church. Our secondary goal consists of what we’re calling “The Four M’s:” Ministry, Mission, Main Campus, and Multiplication. If 100% of people at Waypoint are fully engaged, we expect to see an increase in generosity like we’ve never seen before.


$9 Million

For Our Ministry…

We believe the local church is God’s great plan for spreading the gospel in the world.  From the beginning, Waypoint Church has been all about joining God in this mission. Because of this driving principle, hundreds of people call Waypoint their church home.  We devote significant amounts of time, energy, and resources to ensure that people who make their way to our church are challenged and equipped to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  Over the next two years, we’re allocating $9M to provide the resources we need to continue creating gospel-centered environments that encourage people to take their next step on their spiritual journey.  We will be able to fund and staff our current ministries in such a way that we can fully embrace God’s call on this church.


$1 Million

For Our Missions…

Globally, Waypoint has been used by God to bless not only our mission partners, but also national pastors who serve alongside our missionaries. Many missionaries across the world have heard about Waypoint because of our generosity and impact for God’s kingdom. We have requests to invest in the lives of those who serve on different fields (through pastors’ trainings, missionary retreats, women’s conferences, evangelism and discipleship, etc.) and as the Lord provides, our desire is to support them in making disciples of all nations. God has opened a door to support our local elementary schools, Central Elementary and Fairmount Elementary. We have been able to come alongside students and their families as well as the teachers that serve faithfully in these schools. This is an intentional way to be the hands and feet of Jesus in sharing the gospel with our community. As we go forward in making a difference in these schools, we would like to bless them at a deeper level through a variety of special projects. Over the next two years, we’re allocating $1M for projects associated with local and global missions.


$4 Million

For Our Main Campus…

We would like to create cohesive, effective, and engaging ministry spaces that allow our Waypoint community to have deep and intimate connection with God and others. Over the next two years, we’re allocating $4M for our Main Campus and proposed renovation/expansion projects.

Creating The “Hub”

This vision will be accomplished by the following:

  • Providing exterior and interior visual clarity to a welcoming central hub/main building entry point

  • Providing access to visible, pleasing, and accessible restrooms from the Central Hub

  • Providing clear wayfinding and efficient spatial connections to ministry areas from the Central Hub

  • Creating a variety of relational spaces to connect people with each other

  • Creating areas for ministry hosts to engage others in ministry and missional opportunities

  • Adopting facility components and aesthetics that embrace Waypoint’s current and future culture and community

Reimagining our Children’s Areas

This vision will be accomplished by the following:

  • Providing an indoor kids’ play space

  • Providing consistent theming for kids’ ministry spaces

  • Providing visual clarity/clear wayfinding and security to “centralized” kids’ ministry spaces.

  • Providing safe and secure drop-off and pick-up points from a family hub

Maximizing Multi-purpose Ministry Space

This vision will be accomplished by the following:

  • Providing gathering spaces for medium-sized groups (up to 50-100 people)

  • Providing kitchen space for community fellowships

  • Providing clear accessibility to these spaces as well as the ability to secure the areas from the rest of the church.

Over the next two years, we’re allocating $4M for our Hub and renovation/expansion projects.


$1 Million

For Our Multiplication…

Due to the need for more gospel-centered churches in the St. Louis metro area and beyond, we believe God is leading us to plant more Waypoint churches in our surrounding area in the coming years. This money will begin to help hire and train capable staff, investigate possible new locations, renovate and brand future buildings, and supply the audio and visual technology necessary to provide high-quality services for worship and discipleship. Over the next two years, we’re allocating $1M for our multi-site efforts.


our one fund approach

What is One Fund?

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift “above and beyond” your usual gifts to complete special projects. Traditionally, you designated your gifts to two separate funds: the “Building Fund” and the “General Fund.” This type of giving is potentially confusing. In a One Fund approach, giving is not separated; all giving goes towards the Beyond Us goal of $15 million. This One Fund goal includes our Ministry, Mission, Main Campus, and Multiplication efforts. We believe we’re all on one mission—to passionately share the message of Jesus Christ and lead people to follow Him. We want our giving to reflect that same sense of singlemindedness.